Cancer question?

Answer I know a variety of health practicioners who utilize alternative therapies, I've researched the stuff extensively, and regularly used it on friends and family members with all sorts of nasty diseas... Read More »

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I know a child with leukemia cancer and I had a question about it. read additional details for question?

Sorry but the answer to your question is ;; NO Its so sad for the parents and the little boy

I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?

Question About Cancer?

Gavin, the whole reason that you are even here right now is to experience "life" and all of the unique sensory input, emotions, joys, angst, and every other feeling unique to living human life. The... Read More »

Cancer question....?

read this very very very carfully, she can survive, but you need to pureify her food and water intake, only the best of the best will do, like 100% pure organics, due to the amount of phytochemmica... Read More »