Canadian Working Visa Information?

Answer Canadian work visas are required for all non-nationals that wish to work in Canada for a period of time. There are several different requirements that must be met before the embassy/consulate will ... Read More »

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How to Get a Canadian Working Visa?

Understanding the Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) process of issuing visa is important if you plan to work in Canada on a working visa. Canadian government issues visas to only those fo... Read More »

Can a company issue a Canadian working visa that is only good for that company?

Canadian working visas are issued by the federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship -- companies do not issue visas. All work permits are based on the recommendations of companies registered... Read More »

Working holiday visa, as i understand in order to gain a longer visa in oz or nz i have to do 3 months...?

The rule in Australia is that you must have done 88 days of 'specified work' in a designated regional area during your first 12 month WHV. Working as a gardener would not count as 'specified work'.... Read More »

How to Get a Canadian Visa?

Canada is one of the world's most exciting countries. Where else can you be in a major metropolitan area like Toronto or Vancouver one day and travel to the barren wilderness the next, all while st... Read More »