Canadian Citizenship Test Questions?

Answer In early 2010, Canada updated its citizenship exam. While a majority of applicants still pass, the failure rate has risen significantly since this change. New examination materials are available to... Read More »

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How to Tackle the Canadian Citizenship Test?

The Canadian citizenship test is a multiple-choice test. Here are a few proven steps that will help you tackle the questions and answers.

How many questions are on the citizenship test?

The U.S. Nationalization Test contains 16 questions: three focus on reading English, three on writing English, and 10 civics questions about U.S. history and government. An applicant must correctly... Read More »

Can a Canadian citizen hold a dual Canadian-American citizenship?

A Canadian citizen can hold a dual American-Canadian citizenship. The dual citizen must obey the laws of both countries. The United States requires the use of a U.S. passport to enter the country.S... Read More »

Can an American get Canadian dual citizenship by marrying a Canadian?