Canada Student Loan...?

Answer Well I'm aware that money is for the use of the child and well helping parents out who don't make a very high income. I have heard that they can't. That they can take any refund credit and gst ... Read More »

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How to Find My Canada Student Loan Number?

The government of Canada provides loan assistance for Canadian post-secondary students who need help paying for school through the Canada Student Loan Program. The National Student Loan Service Cen... Read More »

How to Fix Canada Student Loan Debt Through Bankruptcy?

Over the past few years the amount of government funding for post secondary education has decreased, and the level of student debt in Canada has increased. Decent jobs are hard for students to find... Read More »

Whats the best student loan should i get from the school is wells fargo i great place to get a student loan?

Apply for the federal student loan program by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is available on line at The federal student... Read More »

Can a student loan issuing company (private bank) force you to pay off the student loan before you graduate?

If you are still in school no. It is called a deferment. They can only make you pay if your at in school 6 months later. That is stated in all student loan contracts. Go to your financial aid depar... Read More »