Can"System Restore"be used to restore a program that was accidentally uninstalled?

Answer The Windows System Restore utility will not restore an application that you have previously uninstalled or deleted. You should reinstall the software using the program's installation CD or a downlo... Read More »

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Will a restore point reinstall programs previously uninstalled?

System restore doesn't restore uninstalled programs. System restore monitors system files and some files in the registry. The only way an uninstalled program would be restored is if it only contain... Read More »

Accidentally uninstalled something that caused my computer to lose my AOL. System restore didn't work?

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How do I delete an uninstalled file from the program list?

Locate the FileClick on the "Start" button at the lower left side of your screen. Select "All Programs" from the "Start" menu by either hovering your mouse over the icon or clicking it manually. Lo... Read More »

How do I remove an uninstalled program from the add/remove programs menu?

Simplify Programs ListSimplify your computer's programs list on the start menu by removing unnecessary icons on the list. Decide which programs you readily want to access and which programs you use... Read More »