Can zeolite remove cancer from the body?

Answer On One Hand: Proponents Insist it WorksAs proof of zeolite's cancer-fighting properties, Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, refers to a 14-month clinical zeolite trial by LifeLink Pharmaceuticals ... Read More »

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Does zeolite help cure brain cancer?

On One Hand: It Is Marketed As A Cancer CureMany companies have marketed zeolite, a naturally occurring silicate mineral, as a health drug. Among the claims put forth are that zeolite is capable of... Read More »

If a man has cancer in many different parts of his body, can the cancer cells be passed thru his sperm?

It sounds like what you're really asking is: can cancer be transmitted through sex from one person to another?First of all, it is unlikely if not altogether impossible that cancer cells be present ... Read More »

Can a cancer patient have cancer spread if their body is opened up?

Any cancer can spread, but opening the body has nothing to do with it.

Has any body lost any one to lung cancer?

I'm really sorry to hear about your mum,,my father died when I was 17 of lung cancer, he didn't tell us till the last minute, we only had 1 week with him before he died, I hate to sound morbid but ... Read More »