Can your uterus fall out from having too many children?

Answer No it cannot fall out from having a soccer team of kids but your vagina walls can loosen do kegals to improve the elasticity of your vagina and why would you have a lot kids anyway do you not know ... Read More »

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if you have sharp pains in your uterus when you're having sex?

Answer No. You may be pregnant but the pains are not a sign.If it happens every time go and see a doctor you may have an infection.Then you're doing it wrong, tard

Is having lower backaches sore breasts bloating and cramping in the middle of your uterus a sign of pregnancy?

Can you hurt the baby in the uterus if you twist from your abdomen?

My daughter was just told this yesterday and her doctor said that she expects the baby in no more than 10 days. So while all women are different, labor could begin around 10 days.

How many children will you have/ are you having?

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