Can your unborn babys stomach be confused with his gall bladder?

Answer Sadly, no one is fully sure where lice originated from. Since lice is actually a parasite, just like hookworm or certain viruses, the most logical answer is that lice has been around since the begi... Read More »

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How big was your gall bladder?

hell d i didn't even ask now my boobies i can tell u i weighed one and it was 9 pounds

CBD & Gall Bladder Surgery?

The biliary tract comprises the common bile duct (CBD) and gallbladder, which act to transport bile between the liver and gallbladder to aid in digestion, according to the Cleveland Clinic. There a... Read More »

What side is your gall bladder on?

liver and gallbladder are on the right side near your ribcage. Low right side of belly would be appendix. You might have a gall stone or something. Go see your doctor because there is nothing in... Read More »

What can flush out gall bladder stones?

Gallstones can be painful and are an indication that the body is not expelling waste materials properly, since they are made mainly of cholesterol that has not been processed by the body. Several h... Read More »