Can your stomach move as if it were a baby but not be pregnant?

Answer Yes, this happens due to digestion and or gas. Food and gas can both around in and through you stomach during digestion.

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If you were 23 weeks pregnant and your stomach was pressed hard against the wooden floor because you were looking for something under the bed will it harm the baby?

How soon can you see the baby move on the outside of your stomach?

Answer There is no set time that you will begin to notice your baby move on the outside. You will feel it move inside first, usually around 20 weeks, but often several weeks earlier. Noticeable ex... Read More »

Will it harm your baby if you just found out you're 3 weeks pregnant and are currently on Ritalin and were taking birth control pills because you didn't know you were pregnant?

AnswerNot too sure about the Ritalin but I do know that there has been no evidence that taking birth control in early pregnancy without knowing that you are pregnant causes any complications althou... Read More »

Do you still have stomach cramps as if you were on your period if you are pregnant?

Answer I had pains and cramps for weeks after my period was due, and the pains felt very much like the mild cramping I get just before my period starts. I was actually pregnant - although I was hal... Read More »