Can your stepfather adopt you even though you are thirty three?

Answer yea, but it barely happens

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If a 10 year old wants her stepfather to adopt her against her biological fathers wishes. Bio father has some contact but child wants stepfather to adopt. Will the court in VA recognize her desires?

How can a stepfather adopt a child?

The biological father have to give up his parental rights in order for you to adopt.

You are 16 years old can my stepfather adopt me?

Its complicated. In order for you to be adopted by him right now your biological father would have to relinquish all his rights to you (unless he is no longer living then you might be able to I'm n... Read More »

Can a stepfather adopt a child with out the father ok in AZ?

No, in order to adopt someone elses child the parent have to give up their parental rights or the court have to take it from him.