Can your stepdaughter drive your car without adding her to your policy?

Answer Answer Check your policy for specific coverages. In general, she can drive the vehicle, but is not the primary insured person. This means that she MAY not get 100% of the coverage. Your policy w... Read More »

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What is the policy on adding a teen to your automobile insurance?

There were more than 12 million teenage drivers on the road in 2007. In most states, it is unlawful to operate a vehicle without a license. This means that even the youngest drivers must have car i... Read More »

How much will adding two sons with learners permits to your auto insurance policy cost?

Answer Most Insurance Companies do not require you to add young drivers until they are licensed. You should check with your Insurance Agent. Additionally, there is no "set" rate for young driver... Read More »

Adding Another Hard Drive to Your Computer?

Saving all of your photos, movies and MP3 files to your hard drive has one serious drawback--they are space hogs. These files can quickly fill up an 80GB hard drive leaving little room for your app... Read More »

Will adding an external hard drive speed up a computer?

yeah it would, but if the computers that old, its prolly a better investment to get another comp, there not that much now a days lol