Can your stepdaughter drive your car without adding her to your policy?

Answer Answer Check your policy for specific coverages. In general, she can drive the vehicle, but is not the primary insured person. This means that she MAY not get 100% of the coverage. Your policy w... Read More »

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Why do you have to add your child to your car insurance policy if they never drive your car?

If the child is a lisenced driver living in your household, the insurance company assumes that he will drive the car. It is possible to have an exclusion added to the policy (more likely to be the... Read More »

If your insurance policy says anyone who drives your car including family is covered why do you have to pay more for your teen to drive?

Why do you have to pay more for your teen to drive? The terms of your auto insurance contract or policy between you and your insurer specifically require that you disclose and schedule all househol... Read More »

Who is covered under your insurance policy Will your insurance cover your niece to drive your car?

Answer Yes, if she has not been previously excluded in writing. If she is going to be a regular operator of the vehicle then she needs to be listed as an operator on the policy. Answer An automobil... Read More »

Can anyone drive your car without their name on the insurance policy?

Answer Sure...BUT if they have a wreck while driving, YOU are still responsible for your end AND if they (your friend) substain injuries in the wreck they had in your car, YOU are responsible for t... Read More »