Can your skin hurt after wearing new shoes?

Answer On One Hand: New Shoes Might Cause Skin IrritationNew shoes tend to be tight and somewhat uncomfortable the first few times they are worn. As a result, new shoes tend to irritate the skin on the fe... Read More »

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My teeth and gums hurt after wearing my retainer?

my retainer feels like that too if i keep it out for a while, if you keep it in as much as you possibly can than it will totally not hurt at all. but if you keep taking it out it will just hurt mor... Read More »

My bf encourages me to be barefoot at home he say it allows ur feet to breath after wearing shoes allday.?

There is nothing wrong with being barefoot, and yes, it will help air your feet out after they sweat in youre shoes all day.

Can you get Athlete's foot for wearing your own sneakers/shoes without socks?

If you've not had a problem thus far, don't be too concerned.Be aware, however, that many types of pathogens live on the surface of your skin. As long as your immune system is healthy, they rarely... Read More »

Does makeup hurt your skin?

Haha, same thing my grandma told me when i was younger! I think she just wanted to keep me away from using those products. Now, make up isn't good for your skin and it isn't bad. The reason i say t... Read More »