Can your parents see what websites you go on on your ipod touch?

Answer No its private. Just delete your history every once in a while.

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Can your parents see what you looked at on your ipod touch?

No they cannot.If you went on Safari, you can delete the history and they will not know.Surely, if they were good at using the computer, they could find out,but I am going with that they will not k... Read More »

How do you block websites on your iPod touch?

You cannot block websites on the iPod touch, however, you can block access to Safari altogether. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions, and set a passcode. Switch Safari to off, and it will be remove... Read More »

How to Hide Your Ipod Touch from Your Parents?

Parent(s) grounded you from your iPod and want to take it away? Well, here's what I did to hide my iPod from my parent(s). Hope it helps for you.

How do you clear the recently visited websites of your iPod touch?

Go into the settings app. Go into the Safari area. Scroll down to the bottom and choose Clear History.