Can your parents MAKE you have an abortion?

Answer No they cannot

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Does a 16-year-old's parents have the right to make her have an abortion or is it her choice?

Parents and Forced Abortion In general the laws governing abortion are implemented by states, although there are federal statutes that might apply in this case. The majority of states have laws for... Read More »

Does a 15-year-olds parents have the right to make her have an abortion in Ohio?

This is a legal question you need to contact child welfare or a womens counselling centre for proper legal advice.

If you are 17 years old and pregnant do your parents have any right in your decision for an abortion or not?

Answer I have been there and what really matters is you and your health, both mental and phsycal. Are you sure you want to keep the baby? Is that Baby's father going to be involved? How are you goi... Read More »

Should you have an abortion if you are 15 and your parents are prejudice and the father of your baby is a dark black man who is 26 and now wants nothing to do with you?

Even though he is WAY to old for you, Keep your baby. If you love him, you will find a way to work it out. Once you see your baby you will be happy that you kept her/him. It will become your life, ... Read More »