Can your mother force you to have an abortion?

Answer No, the choice is yours. The choice is always only the female who carries the fetus even when she's a minor. Your mother is your guardian but you are the guardian of the fetus.

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Can the mother of a pregnant 16-year-old force her to have an abortion?

Answer If you live in the united states no one can legally force you to get an abortion under any circumstances. Make sure the doctor is aware of your wishes and he will refuse to perform the proc... Read More »

What is the negative effects of abortion to the mother?

If she feels that she has made the right decision, none. And she doesn't need any of this anti rubbish being peddled by the usual suspects.If she wants to concieve again, she can. What I want to a... Read More »

Can the parents of a pregnant minor force her to have an abortion?

Answer No. A minor who is a mother or is pregnant is presumed by law in all states to have equal legal rights to her child as would an adult. No one can force her to have an abortion, place the ch... Read More »

Can my mother make me have an abortion if I'm 15 can she take me to court we are in the state of Florida?

AnswerI would love to see any judge force a person to have a abortion is this country. Your mother is trying to intimidate you. You do have rights and so does the baby. You must think long and hard... Read More »