Can your lesbian partner adopt your child conceived by a sperm donor?

Answer Answer As long as the state you live in allows gay adoptions, yes. Some states do not allow gay people to adopt children. Some states allow you to adopt, as long as you are not in a relationship at... Read More »

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What are you getting your husband/partner/significant other/boyfriend/babby daddy/sperm donor for father's day?

laid.Sunday night, you mark my words. Prepare for a huge void here on Answers.And I'll make him his favorite for dinner. The kids made him ceramic things and painted them. One is a dragonfly dec... Read More »

What would happen if you gave a sperm donor then got a sex change into a woman and took the sperm donor back and used it?

I guess you would have a child exactly like you! Maybe even twins! I don't actually think anyone has ever tried this but maybe sometime they will and then you can find out the answer. Hope my answe... Read More »

If my friend cannot get pregnant and is single can I be artificially inseminated by a donor sperm and let her adopt the baby?

Physically possible, legally awkward. You should discuss the matter with a competent attorney before starting. If you are hesitant about the cost of an attorney then this is not the right time to c... Read More »

Do you think a child concieved by a anonymous sperm/egg donor has a God given right to find out the identity?

I'm not sure if they should have a right to find out the identity, but I can see the benefits of knowing where you came from. I am an egg donor, but I am open instead of anonymous, so once the chi... Read More »