Can your husband obtain sole custody of a child that he has by another woman?

Answer Answer It would be highly unusual for a judge to grant sole custody in such a situation.The exception might be if the mother of the child was proven guilty of neglect and/or abuse of the child in ... Read More »

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How will it affect child support payments if your husband's ex-wife gets sole custody?

Answer I can't imagine that it would matter. Child support, is based on the needs of the child and the economic situation of the parents. Whatever amount the court has ordered will probably stand,... Read More »

What exactly does sole legal custody mean in Virginia if in exchange for dropping child support you received sole custody of your daughter and the father can only visit if you approve?

Answer Sole custody means you have all the power. You can choose to keep the father out of their life until the children turn 18 if you want to or you can allow visits.

If i have shared custody and my ex's husband is hitting my child and i have made a child abuse complaint should i assume full custody and not let my child return there since the social services knows?

If your ex husband it hitting your child just tell the police they will talk care of all the confusing stuff and they might bring your ex husband to jail cause you broke up and he isn't in your fam... Read More »

How can you get joint custody or physical custody when mother has sole custody of child?

There is a difference between physical and legal custody. The court can award joint legal custody to the parents and determine that one parent will have physical custody. It can also award joint ph... Read More »