Can your home be taken if you owe child support?

Answer Answer No a house can't be reposessed for child support. Reposession happens only when the person is late too many times with the mortgage payments. You can put a lien on someone's property if the... Read More »

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What if child taken out of country and you pay child support?

The obligor continues to owe support regardless of where the child is in this world. But, you should file a motion for interference with custody, as well as a motion to place child support into a t... Read More »

If your ex was granted custody and you pay child support how do you proceed when your 16-year-old desires to live with you full-time instead and how do you reverse the child support?

Answer Change of custody and/or child support can only be done through the appropriate court procedures. The person must file a petition to modify/amend the original orders in the court of jurisdic... Read More »

Can a tax return be taken for not paying child support?

If you owe back child support for a child, your state and federal tax refunds can be intercepted by each government and applied to your back child support debt until the debt is paid in full, accor... Read More »

Do you get the same amount in child support if your child's father has multiple kids on child support?

No. The family with the older child[ren] gets the full percentage of net income. The family with the younger child[ren] gets a percentage of net income after subtracting payments ordered and being ... Read More »