Can your health insurance be cancelled while you are temporarily on disability?

Answer Insurance coverage You are still within the policy protection period so yes, you are covered as long as the insurance you purchased covered that accident to begin with. It does not matter how long... Read More »

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Can health insurance be cancelled while on short term disability and supposed to be receiving all benefits?

I would think not unless you had a SS offset rider on the policy. Check with your agent!

How can health insurance be cancelled when it is not open enrollment?

Many reasons. Most commonly, for not paying the monthly premium on time (or at all). Another reason could be falsifying information on the initial application for insurance.

How can you get some kind of insurance your husband is disable and he draws a SS disability checked and is a veteran but wife no insurance and can't get help she has health promblems?

What health insurance program is designed to complement the retirement survivor and disability insurance enacted under Title II of the Social Security Act?