Can your hair fall out from using products (read description please)?

Answer It's helping your hair! Morrocan oil is AMAZING for hair, it keeps it strong and healthy and super shiny. You are taking such good care of your hair, so if anything your hair will only improve not ... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Hair Products Using Chemicals?

Making your own hair care products allows you to use only the products you desire. For those on a budget, homemade hair products are an excellent way to save money. Homemade hair care products can ... Read More »

How to Dye Your Hair Teal Using Raw and Color Fiend Products?

So you're deciding to dye your hair teal? There is an easy and cheap way to do this with using Raw and Color Fiend products. You can find these products online or at any Hot Topic store, which may ... Read More »

Read description please?

Teeth Gap, Please Read Description?

Those bands always cause pain, so that part may be normal. The bigger the gap, the more painful they are. However, if your teeth are moving too far at once, you run the risk of damaging the blood... Read More »