Do gums grow back on their own?

Answer Yes, it does grow back!But expect it to take a long time. Up to months, actually. The body has to put a lot of effort into bulding the new tissue, layer by layer, and that just does no happen overn... Read More »

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Is there a way to grow back gums on teeth?

I don't really know exactly what you are describing, but gums don't die, they recede. I hope when you say it's your last tooth that it is your last tooth baby tooth and not the last tooth in your ... Read More »

Do gums grow back after being damaged by hard brushing?

i worked in an dental office for 3 years and saw several people with receding gums due to hard brushing. i don't think it has to do with them growing back, they have been pushed back exposing more ... Read More »

Is it possible for your gums to grow over braces?

Wendy I had the loathsome braces also in HS. it just seems like this, honey. The dentist could not possibly not see something like this on a check up and I know you see him regularly. Ask him or hi... Read More »

What is a round growth on your son's gums that has had pus in it and went away and then came back?

your son has an abcess. try putting an eaqual amount of salt and baking soda in a bowl, wet a cotton ball and leave to soak for a few minutes. Then place the cotton ball between the teeth and check... Read More »