Can your great aunt and uncle get custody of you?

Answer can any uncle get custody of his nephew even if he has a felony Answer Yes, if there's a reason your parents won't or can't keep you. It's a matter decided by the courts.Perhaps.If the parents vol... Read More »

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How is Zach salvatore stephan and damons uncle was there a mention of an uncle or aunt when they were human?

No their wasn't any mention of a aunt whether they were human or not

Is great great aunt or great grand aunt correct?

Either "great great aunt" or "great grand aunt" can be correct. Some people and regions prefer one form and some prefer the other.

What is the relationship of two people when ones great grandmother is the others great great aunt?

If the great grandmother of one person was the great great aunt of another, the two are third cousins to each other.

What is the difference in a great uncle and a grand uncle?

There is no difference between "great uncle" and "grand uncle." Some people prefer to use one term and some the other. Both terms refer to a brother of one of your grandparents.