Can your girlfriend sign your child's birth certificate?

Answer This question really is quite confusing. The only people that can be on the birth cirtificate is the mother and who ever signs as the father. There would be no place for your girlfriend to sign if ... Read More »

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Can a child receive social security if the man didnt sign the birth certificate sign?

Does the father need to sign the birth certificate?

On One Hand: The Father is Not RequiredA father does not need to sign a birth certificate to validate it. In certain states, however, it is required that at least one parent sign the vital statisti... Read More »

How can a father sign the birth certificate?

Sexual Abuse.It is illegal and immoral. Children are vulnerable to adults and trust them for their well being.

What if you dont sign a birth certificate?

If the parents were married when the child was conceived/born, paternity is assumed. Also, the other parent and/or the State may decide to file a motion in court to determine paternity.