Can your girlfriend sign your child's birth certificate?

Answer This question really is quite confusing. The only people that can be on the birth cirtificate is the mother and who ever signs as the father. There would be no place for your girlfriend to sign if ... Read More »

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Can your husband sign your daughters birth certificate without the biological fathers consent?

There are many reasons why you shouldn't give up your parental rights. You're the child's biological family. This child will have many of the same genetic things you have (including but not limited... Read More »

How can you find your birth mother if you have no information except her name on your birth certificate?

Answer She may not want to be found however, if you have your birth certificate try the names that is hers in the town you were born in and surrounding areas - its a start.Since she may also be loo... Read More »

How do you find out who your biological father is when your mother won't tell you and his name is not on your birth certificate?

Answer Well, this is going to take some detective work. First thing is to ask questions of those in the know how. Who was your mother close to at the time of your birth. What places did she go to ... Read More »

Adoptees: does it bother you that your birth certificate lists your adoptive parents as your natural ones?

Who cares how a mother raised a kid - it's birth certificate....hullo??? Don't call the woman a mother if it's that difficult to think of the woman that birthed you as a "mother" - but that woman g... Read More »