Can your friends tell if you are on Facebook?

Answer the only other way i can think of they would be able to find out is if they send you a message (chat is the same thing as messages) and then see that you have read the message

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How do i tell if any of my friends are online on facebook?

on the bottom right hand side of your page there should be a box that sais " Online Friends". Click on it to open it up and it will have a green dot by all the friends that are online, and a moon b... Read More »

Will someone please tell me the point of having hundreds and hundreds of Facebook friends?

There's no real point, other than what the previous answerers have stated. The term "friend" is subjective. But I know there's a true, objective definition to the word friend, and in the case of so... Read More »

How to Tag Your Friends on Facebook?

Tagging your friends on Facebook is a great way to let others know who is in the picture. Read on to find out how to tag your friends on Facebook.

Can you lock your photos on facebook so your friends cant tag them?

No, Facebook now allows your friends to tag your pictures