Can your friends mom adopt you?

Answer only with the permision of your parents or the courts

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Can you adopt your friends baby if she picks you?

yes i believe that you can but you just need it to be legal

Can your friends mom adopt you even though you live in a good family?

Yes they may. But your parents have to know that you are getting adopted by your friends mom. If they say ok you may get adopted. But if they say no then you can't. I know your thinking well my par... Read More »

How do you answer what are your strengths and weaknesses for friends wanting to adopt a child?

AnswerIn most jurisdictions the termination of parental rights divests forever the parent and child of all legal rights, privileges, duties, and powers between each other except for the child's rig... Read More »

Can your friends mom adopt you even though you have a good family but you want to live with her and her mom?

Only if your parents give up their parental rights. Not likely.