What makes mood rings change color?

Answer Mood rings contain thermochromic, or temperature sensitive liquid crystals. Mood swings typically cause body temperature fluctuations, which prompt crystal molecules to shift. As molecules move, th... Read More »

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Can eyes change color?

Mine change, it's according to what I'm wearing. My eyes are considered Hazel.

Can my eyes ever change color?

My friend's eyes did when she hit puberty...but I heard that is a very rare case...freaky though!!I'm sure your brown eyes look great...actually it's the shape of the eyes that make eyes look prett... Read More »

Why do my eyes change color?

Nothing's is wrong with you. It is rare, but perfectly normal. I have brown eyes and over this summer they turned blue with a bit of brown around the pupil but mostly blue. I went to the doctor to ... Read More »

Do your eyes change color when you die?

No but your pupils get bigger so your eyes appear black just cos your eyes are not taking in any light anymore as you don't need to.