Why do my eyes change color with emotion?

Answer I can't really answer your question but that sounds so freakin cool! I'm so jealous!

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Is it normal if your eyes change color a lot?

Some people have eyes that change color. It is normal. And some people have eyes that change color with their mood. It is very possible that you are one of those people.Hope I helped and good luck.

Do your eyes change color when you die?

No but your pupils get bigger so your eyes appear black just cos your eyes are not taking in any light anymore as you don't need to.

My eyes change color everyday. what's wrong with me?

Congratulations you're a Mary Sue. Please continue to terrorize fandoms everywhere as all canon characters fall with you, your powers, and your pretty color changing eyes.

What's it called when your eyes change color?

There is no name for it. It isn't an actual condition of any type.The funny thing is, is that it is scientifically and medically impossible, but it does happen.Ophthalmologists swear it can't happe... Read More »