Can your ex take your 1-year-old out of state for overnight visitation?

Answer Answer The terms of the custodial order should stipulate what may or may not be done by either parent. If the parents share joint custody the person who wishes to take a child out of state may onl... Read More »

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Can a non-custodial parent with visitation move to another state and still have visitation rights?

Yes. In most jurisdictions, a move out of state by either parent is sufficient cause to re-assess a child's access schedule. The new schedule will take into account the best interests of the child,... Read More »

If your son's father has not used his court mandated visitation in almost a year can he return to the visitation schedule whenever he chooses?

Answer Yes.Until the court order is changed, it stands and he is well within his rights to excercise his rights. More Opinions As clarification, the court can only award visitation rights, it cann... Read More »

Indiana & Overnight Child Visitation Laws?

The Indiana Parenting Time Regulations are the guidelines followed by the Indiana family court when determining the extent of a non-custodial parent's overnight visitation rights. The Regulations a... Read More »

As an absent parent how do you enforce overnight visitation that was ordered by the court?

Visitation Denial Part of the problem with getting visitation enforced is knowing what to do to prove your case, and how to remind the judge of their responsibilities. Let me start with the judge. ... Read More »