Can your ex-husband take your child away because you married a sex offender?

Answer Answer Fathers have rights too, and if a judge agrees with him, then yes he can.

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Can a married convicted sex offender ever legally adopt a child in the US?

Answer In most US states there are not laws that would directly disallow such an adoption.However, adoptions are granted by the court and the presiding judge has the power to grant approval of or d... Read More »

Can a married convicted sex offender in Missouri ever legally adopt a child in the US or in other countries?

I don´t think so. As a convicted sex offender he will get from the court and the police obligations... which will be that he won´t be allowed to live with children in the same house. There are ot... Read More »

Your husband and you would like to adopt your friends baby This friend is married but the child does not belong to the husband How do you go about adopting?

Synonyms: apprehension, attention, care, cognizance, concern, consideration, ear, grasp, heed, mark, mind, note, observance, regard, remark, respect, thought, understanding Antonyms: heedlessnes... Read More »

My ex girlfriend is married and has 1 yr old and is pregnant with another child both by her husband will that increase the amount of child support I pay her for the 5 yr old I have have with her?

It should not lead to an increase in child support. It may lead to a decrease. The cost of supporting three children is significantly less, per child, than the cost of one child. There are many s... Read More »