Can your ex boyfriend get a restraining order to keep you from calling your son?

Answer Yes, but you can take him to court and fight for custody.

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Does a restraining order go on your background?

A restraining order may very well show up on a background check--and states intend for this to happen. Restraining orders, although they expire in a matter of a year or two (depending on state law)... Read More »

How to Take Out a Restraining Order for Your Kids' Safety?

Judges issue restraining orders to protect people who have been or are in imminent danger of being abused. As a parent or legal guardian, you can take out a restraining order to protect your child ... Read More »

If you're 16 pregnant your 19yo boyfriend and parents support you but you're from a close family and your sister does nothing but insult and attack your boyfriend how do you get the two to get along?

AnswerSee if you can get the two of them to sit down with you and you all talk it out. Good luck and God Bless:)

How to Keep Your Parents From Knowing You Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Everyone has been in this situation before. Your parents treat you like a little kid and don't let you date, or don't like the person you're dating. Well, here's the trick to keeping it secret.