Can your employer give out a list to all employees of your home phone number without your permision?

Answer They can do whatever they want... and you can also sue... Most states are "Right to work" states.. which means that they can hire and fire you for any reason.There are privacy laws that will protec... Read More »

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Can an employer change insurance companies in the middle of the year and give the employees less than 2 weeks notice?

%REPLIES% Answer Employers usually change their insurance on their renewal date which is anytime of the year. Yours may just have happened to be in the middle of the year. They do not have to giv... Read More »

How to Take a Home Phone Number Off of a Telemarketing List?

Having telemarketers call your home can be irritating, especially when they call at odd hours, interrupt your favorite show or refuse to stop calling. Sometimes even a caller ID won't bring up enou... Read More »

How do I take a home phone number off of a telemarketing list?

National Do Not Call RegistryRegister your home and cell phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. Go to and click "register a phone number." Register one to three phone n... Read More »

What does it mean when an employer give you their number?

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