Can your computer monitor be used as a TV if you have directv?

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What is a computer monitor used for?

Computer monitors are the primary video output for desktop computers. They look a lot like a television and display everything you see on a screen when using a computer (e.g. text, programs, Intern... Read More »

Can an Apple computer monitor be used on a regular PC?

Apple monitors can be used on a regular PC. Apple monitors use a mini DisplayPort connection to connect to Apple towers and Apple laptops. Apple displays can only be used with Windows computers w... Read More »

Can a mini HDMI cable (A to C) be used for computer to monitor?

Only if the connectors fit into something at either end. Of course, you could get adapters to make changes. See for various cable types and adapters.

Can any monitor& keyboard be used with a Mac Mini computer?

Mac Mini computers are compatible with any monitor or keyboard, using the correct ports. Mac Minis have DVI (digital) monitor ports, which are used by most LCD displays. Use an adapter to connect a... Read More »