Can your baby have cancer when it is born?

Answer Cyanosis usually indicates cardiac disease. The child needs to be evaluated properly.

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When was your baby born?

I went in to labour the day before my due date, and gave birth the day AFTER!Long labour - I know!!Congratulations on the new baby!=]

When you're pegnant can you have all the sex you want till the baby is born?

Answer yes, its good for you, wife and i had sex the day our baby was born

Will your baby have cancer if you do?

Not straight away. But there are hereditary traits to some cancers, which means that if you have one of those there is a higher than average chance of your baby eventually developing that kind of c... Read More »

If you eat peanuts during your pregnancy will your baby become allergic to them when they are born?

AnswerNo the baby will not become allergic to them. Actually peanuts are good to eat while your pregnant. They are nutritious for the baby. AnswerOh yeah I forgot to tell you that try to eat pista... Read More »