Can your Parents read your text messages online/ get a print out?

Answer No your parents cannot see what you have been saying in your text messages. I have been through this and they were determined to see what I had been writing but all they could get was a list of the... Read More »

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Can parents read your text messages from the bill?

No they just get how much the phone bill costs because of texts. lol

How do I read text messages online with Verizon?

Read Texts at Verizon.comLog into Verizon Wireless. Click on the red tab at the top center of the Verizon page titled "messaging." From the drop-down box, choose "send text message." A new page wil... Read More »

My mom says that she can read all of my text messages online. Is this true?

yes they can read what you are texting they can also read the text messages that you get. they can also find out what numbers you call and who calls you how long you talk...all kinds of stuff. th... Read More »

I have verizon wireless and i was wondering if my parents could read my text messages ?

why? do you have something to hide?and its questions like these, that parents can't trust their own kids