Can your 18-year-old sister be your guardian if she lives in Georgia?

Answer Answer A person who is at least 18-years of age is considered an adult under Georgia law. The sister would be eligible for being granted guardianship of a minor sibling assuming she met all the req... Read More »

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How do you get visitation rights to see your 81 year old father who lives with a sister that will not allow you to see him?

Answer Is there a restraining order in effect against you?What is the reason your sister gives for not allowing you to see your father?Is he able to make decisions for himself or is she his legal g... Read More »

Your 26-year-old sister - who lives with you and your family - has an IQ of 60. What expectations can you have of her in terms of her difficulty to follow the house rules?

At 26, she is what she is. That is, she can do some things well and others not at all. However, she is now an adult, so she may choose not to follow all your rules...or remember them. As with your ... Read More »

If your sister died 5 years ago and now her 16-year-old daughter lives with her dad in Florida can she move in with you her aunt without her father's consent and will you get into trouble with police?

Answer This question does not make sense to me. It says your sister passed awat 5 years ago, then it says she lives with her dad. Re ask and then maybe i can help you. Answer I am assuming that you... Read More »

Could a 17-year-old mother who lives with her parents obtain sole custody if the 20-year-old father of the child has a criminal history and lives in an unstable environment?

Answer It is certainly possible.That being said, under the law an unmarried woman retains sole custody rights to a child unless a court rules otherwise.Custody, visitation, child support and other... Read More »