Can young boys develop breast cancer?

Answer No. Though almost 1 percent of breast cancer sufferers are men, their average age is 65. Teenage male breast cancer is nearly unheard of, much less preadolescent male breast cancer. Boys often deve... Read More »

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How the breast cancer develop in women and what are the preventions for it?

Understanding BREAST CANCER is important as this is the first lesson of our AWARENESS PROGRAMME, which all my sisters should know -The Breasts sit on the chest muscles that cover the ribs. Each bre... Read More »

How young can you get breast cancer?

On One Hand: Youngest Breast Cancer Patient is 10In 2009, Hannah Powell-Auslam was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 10. She is the youngest breast cancer sufferer in the United States and possib... Read More »

Breast Cancer Am I too young @ 16?

You're 16, have your parents take you. Insurance will cover it.

How did breast cancer fundraisers manage to terrify all these young girls?

Well, it's partly breast cancer fundraisers; almost no 'breast cancer awareness' campaign includes that essential piece of awareness - it doesn't happen to teenagers, it's very rare in younger wome... Read More »