Can you write a personal check for a money order?

Answer Money orders provide guaranteed payment by an issuing agent, such as the United States Post Office or Western Union. Money orders are purchased with cash, debit cards or traveler's checks. Personal... Read More »

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How to Wire Money Online Using a Money Order or Check?

Wiring money is one of the safest methods to send funds. Bank wire transfers are normally guaranteed and you can even get insurance on a transfer if the amount is large. If you have a money order o... Read More »

Can I buy a money order with a check?

Domestic money orders can be purchased with cash, a debit card or a traveler's check, but not a personal check. The same applies for foreign money orders, but the process is a bit more involved. Yo... Read More »

How to Send Money by Personal Check?

Sending money by personal check is largely a function of a bygone era. However, there are still occasions when you may need to do so. For example, some utility companies may not accept credit cards... Read More »

Where do I get a cashier's check or money order?

Cashier's checks can only be obtained through a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. A bank check is drawn, signed by a bank employee and used to verify that there are available fu... Read More »