Can you wrap yarn clockwise while knitting?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You CanNo hard and fast rules exist stating that knitters cannot wrap yarn clockwise while knitting. Knitting pioneer Elizabeth Zimmerman, sometimes called the godmother of modern... Read More »

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How to Weave in the Ends of Yarn While Knitting?

The final step of a knitting project is weaving in the ends. No matter how large or small the project, those pesky ends can escape and unravel your perfect stitches. Loose ends also spoil the look ... Read More »

How to Change Colors of Yarn While Knitting?

Knitters have many techniques to add color to their projects. Complex designs use Fair Isle and intarsia, but this requires planning and concentration. Or you can change colors at the edges of the... Read More »

How to Join a New Yarn Ball while Knitting?

Knit in join is to join a new ball of yarn with a old ball of yarn in the same color. It will also "locked" the ends so you can avoid to weave them in. This article will show you how to knit in join.

How to Choose Knitting Yarn?

Knitting yarn can be made from any type of material that has the length longer than its width. It could be made from string, sewing cotton, or ribbon, but would not be very practical to wear. It is... Read More »