Can you wrap dry hay bales in silage wrap?

Answer Silage wrap was originally developed to be filled with fermenting vegetation, called silage, and stored in a silo. However it is also widely used to store dry hay as well.References:Aepinc: Sunfilm... Read More »

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How to Cut and Gather String or Net Wrap Off of Round Bales?

Feeding round bales to livestock always involve the necessary removal of strings (also called twine) or netting before the animals can properly feed from those bales. It's not an easy task if you d... Read More »

What if you have sex using plastic wrap as protection but the wrap was sucure and did not rip tear or open at all and the sex was only about 30 to 40 seconds long and he did not come?

Using plastic wrap is a TERRIBLE choice. Do not have sex if you can not at least afford a condomn or suffer the possible consequences such as STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Plastic wrap can have man... Read More »

How to Saran Wrap or Doobie Wrap for Healthy Hair?

Saran Wrap acts much the same way as standard plastic caps in maintaining hair health by locking in moisture. This hair maintenance technique is useful for dry hair and scalp sufferers and people w... Read More »

How to Wrap Hair With Wrap Lotion?

Wrap lotion is a hydrating hair lotion used to create smooth and slick hairstyles. The wrap hairstyle is popular among women with very thick hair who would like to smooth it down for a more compact... Read More »