Can you work on a job if you get social security disability?

Answer On One Hand: You Have a Trial PeriodYou can work while on U.S. Social Security Disability by applying for the "work incentives" program. This is a trial period of nine months to try a job and earn ... Read More »

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Do Georgia employers pay into the social security disability for employees who have been injured out of the work place and will be off of work for 60-90 days?

Answer Social Security Disability requires that you be disabled for a year and that it be a permanent disability and that you cannot do ANY job in the American Economy.

Can I work& draw Social Security disability?

On One Hand: You Can Work Part Time and Draw BenefitsIt is possible to work part time and draw Social Security disability. When the Social Security Administration considers whether a person is qual... Read More »

Can I work while I file for Social Security disability?

On One Hand: Working Won't Prevent FilingThe Social Security Administration allows people to work while they file for, and collect, Social Security disability payments. If a person is able to work ... Read More »

What Happens If You Work While Waiting for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability is an income supplement or replacement provided by the federal government for those who meet the requirements of being disabled. In general, when you apply for Social Sec... Read More »