Can you work another job while receiving short term disability?

Answer Your not supposed to do that but how are they gonna find out? I mean Short Term Disability is about 66 2/3 percent of your salary and the burden of proof is on them. The only way an insurance compa... Read More »

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If you are receiving short term disability benefits and while collecting you were laid off from your employment can you collect unemployment compensation while receiving short term disability benefits?

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If you are receiving short-term disability can you go back to work?

No. What travel insurance does is allow you to change your plans on your trip or cancel it if something comes up. Every policy is different, so you have to check into it.

If already reviewed approved and receiving short term disability benefits how can long term disability be denied only because they consider the problem to be pre-existing?

AnswerIf Long Term Disabilty is denying you because on the date of the claim you were in the pre-x period then it would be forever. When the pre-x time is over - then it would cover a NEW claim. No... Read More »

Can you qualify for short term disability if you are unemployed and not receiving any benefits?