Can you wear headphones while walking on a military installation?

Answer Yes

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How does earl of Wessex have the right to wear Military Uniform when after all he flunked out of the Military Also am I to understand that the medal he wore at the armistice Service were not Military?

the 3 core values. integrity first service before self excellence in all you do.

Can discharged military personnel wear military uniforms?

Answer Depends on how they were discharged and whether or not they are members of the reserve. You should have a valid military ID of some type, active, retired, disability or reserve to wear a uni... Read More »

Do military police officers wear military uniforms?

Yes. It is often symbolized with a MP (Military Police) badge clearly visible.

Why is it important to wear good walking shoes?

The foot has 26 bones and 33 joints, in addition to over 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles. Walking puts pounds of pressure on a small area and to protect the feet during walking, quality shoes ar... Read More »