Can you wear fake tan when pregnant?

Answer Yes you can depending on what brand the fake tan is all of them should be safe, just make sure you read the bottle before applying

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Can girls be pregnant if she sit on the top of penis when he wear underwear?

No. for her to get pregnant she has to have the penis inserted in her vagina at the right time of her menstrual cycle and he has to ejaculate. sperm has to be able to get to her ovum in order to fe... Read More »

Is it okay to wear a body slimmer when you are few weeks pregnant?

Answer Up until about 12 weeks your body doesn't change much anyway so you should be fine. After about 16-17 weeks you will probably want to wear a specific maternity support.

As long as you wear lead when exposed to radiation can it still be harmful while pregnant?

Answer I would imagine that both would not be a good idea. Answer It depends entirely on the type of radiation, what energy it is and the thickness of the lead that you are wearing. For example, a... Read More »

If sperm soaked through your panties and then you wear them when it is still wet can you be pregnant?