Can you wear crappy earrings after a month?

Answer Usually you can. But for me I can only wear real gold earrings because I allergic to stainless steel, silver, and the crappy ones from claire's. You'll have to try them out to see if they will work... Read More »

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Is there anything better than chowing down on authentic Mexican cuisine with your BFF after a crappy month?

Oh sure, now I'm fecking hungry. Thanks a lot. I was going to send my last $3.23 to that one kid from Cambodia on TV who needs a sponsor but now I gotta use it at Taco Bell on the way home.

Why should we pay more tv licence when the bbc just wastes it on crappy repeats and more crappy digital tv sta?

People seem happy to pay for Sky with all of their imported rubbish and endless repeats, so why not!

How can I wear earrings again?

I had this problem. I got some very thin stalked ear rings and put them in first. Does hurt a little cause you need to reopen the hole to a more suitable size.Use a heavy pair if you can. Once in t... Read More »

Is it okay for men to wear earrings?

On One Hand: History of Male EarringsThe issue of men wearing earrings is nothing new. King Tut had one, art on the walls of an ancient Persian palace depicted men wearing earrings, and sailors wor... Read More »