Can you wear crappy earrings after a month?

Answer Usually you can. But for me I can only wear real gold earrings because I allergic to stainless steel, silver, and the crappy ones from claire's. You'll have to try them out to see if they will work... Read More »

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Is there anything better than chowing down on authentic Mexican cuisine with your BFF after a crappy month?

Oh sure, now I'm fecking hungry. Thanks a lot. I was going to send my last $3.23 to that one kid from Cambodia on TV who needs a sponsor but now I gotta use it at Taco Bell on the way home.

How Long After Piercing Can You Wear Dangling Earrings?

California commercial driving laws are in place to provide the state and federal government with accurate information on all businesses conducting commercial deliveries as well as the records of al... Read More »

Why would a person feel so crappy after quitting smoking?

The years of smoking has loaded you up with chemicals and toxins that have damaged many of your organs. The tired feelings are typically from the adrenal glands that are exhausted. Much of what y... Read More »

Why should we pay more tv licence when the bbc just wastes it on crappy repeats and more crappy digital tv sta?

People seem happy to pay for Sky with all of their imported rubbish and endless repeats, so why not!