Can you wear a tampon in a tanning bed?

Answer On One Hand: Tampons Are SafeYes, you can wear a tampon in a tanning booth. No harm will occur due to the use of a tampon. The tampon will remain just as effective. There is no reason not to use on... Read More »

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Can i wear a tampon if?

yes of course its going to be ok, you can wear one at any time. if its going to be light, even better :)

Is it ok to wear a tampon before my period?

No. You should NEVER wear a tampon when your not on your period. If you wear a tampon when you dont need one, or if you wear one to long you can get a disease called Toxix Shock Syndrome (TSS). Thi... Read More »

Which tampon is best to wear into water?

there's no best or worst tampon all tampons are the same they might be a different brand or expand length ways as opposed to width ways but they all function the same in or out of water

My friend told me i have to be 19 to wear a tampon?

No, you can be any age (as long as you're on you period) to use a tampon, although it may be easier to use pads at first, although you shouldn't use them for swimming as the blood and stuff can sti... Read More »