Can you wax your floors yourself?

Answer Newly installed flooring is a beautiful addition, but the maintenance to keep it looking great can be daunting. With some preparation and the proper tools, you can wax your floors yourself without ... Read More »

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Can you change natural oak hardwood floors into cherry oak floors?

You can change your natural oak hardwood floors into cherry oak floors by applying a coat of cherry stain to the wood. According to The Internet Consumer Guide To Hardwood Floors, natural hardwood ... Read More »

Can graphite powder help with squeeky hardwood floors floors?

Not graphite but sometimes ( sometimes) baby powder or talc sweep into the cracks helps. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Are laminate floors also called hardwood floors?

On One Hand: They're Not the SameLaminate floors are not called hardwood floors by retailers or manufacturers. Laminate floors are a synthetic flooring made to resemble real hardwood. They are not ... Read More »

Why are tile floors colder than wood floors?

Tiles feel colder because they are better conductors of heat. Unless it's a blazing hot day, the floor probably is colder than your body temperature, and when you walk on it, it sucks the heat out ... Read More »