Can you watch cable TV on a Projector?

Answer of course you can. It has all the same jacks and such. The problem though is keeping a wall or screen nice enough to keep a good resolution.

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Can you watch cable TV on a DLP projector?

You can watch cable television on a Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector. Connecting cable or satellite to a DLP projector is easy. It is easy as well to connect to video game equipment and man... Read More »

Can you connect a samsung bd-c5900 3d blu-ray player to a acer x110 dlp projector 3d ready projector to watch 3d blu ray movies. also what leads are required thanks?

No you can't! It's only possible with the Optoma 3D-XL HDMI Switch. Available in february 2011.

Projector to soundbar and dvd or cable tv to projector?

AAXA P1 Jr Ultra Portable Pico Pocket Projector, LED, Media Player, Speaker, iPhone Compatible is a fantastic little projector it does just what it was meant for ,on the spot presentations when yo... Read More »

Can you hook up your laptop with 802.11 to receive a direct tv satellite cable signal and watch cable?

PC TV You could hypothetically do that but it would require purchasing some expensive equipment and the setup would be somewhat complicated. In addition, you need a satellite receiver set top box t... Read More »