Can you watch Blu-Ray discs on a 720P TV?

Answer Whether or not you can watch a Blu-Ray disc on a 720P television depends on the available output signal of the Blu-Ray player. Many players support 720P playback as well as 1080I and 1080P.Source:B... Read More »

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I can't watch 720p or 1080p videos anymore?

do you have any firefox addons? like greasemonkey or any ad blockers? these cause laggingyou could ask in one of the computer sections, people on there know a lot more

Do you need a 1080p tv to watch blue ray discs?

Do i need to buy a plasma/lcd tv in order to watch blu-ray discs?

Do you have to? no....But, why spend the money on a Blu-Ray player, when the only feature they have over standard DVD's (the quality) won't show up on a normal television set?If your TV isn't high ... Read More »

Do you need a special television ie HD to watch blu ray discs from a blu ray player?