Can you wash uggs?

Answer UGG® is a brand name of luxury sheepskin boots from Australia. While you can't toss them in the washing machine, you can clean your UGG® boots with special care and products. Suede is often best ... Read More »

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Which is worth it Fuggs (Fake Uggs) or Uggs?

There really are no such things as "Fuggs" and I will explain why. The word UGG boots discribes a STYLE of SHEEPSKIN footwear and NOT a particular BRAND.Ug Ugh Ugly and Ugg are ALL simply "GENERIC"... Read More »

Which Uggs should I get?

In the bright pink. I had a pair that were in baby pink and they got so dirty so easily. They turned brown after about a week. Plus you can be different with the bows I've never seen those before

Any UGGS luvers out there?

I would like to personally slap the creator of UGGS.

Which Uggs should I buy (No haters, please)?

Get the classic short Uggs! I personally like the original Ugg styles best! You should get them in chestnut! That color looks so much better!