Can you wash tennis shoes in the dishwasher?

Answer I'm no expert, but I'd say NO. I'd attempt to wash them in a washing machine if they were truly filthy, but otherwise I use a baby wipe to clean up the outside and baby powder to keep the insides s... Read More »

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How do i wash nike tennis shoes?

Clean Nike Tennis ShoesRemove the shoe laces and place them to the side. Clean any excessive dirt and mud from the top, bottom and sides of the tennis shoes using a dry cloth or brush. Place half a... Read More »

How do I properly wash white Vans tennis shoes?

Remove the shoelaces from your Vans tennis shoes. (If you have slip-on style shoes, which do not have laces, proceed to the next step.)For suede or leather shoes fill a bucket with warm, soapy wate... Read More »

How to Buy Tennis Shoes?

Tennis is a sport that requires much agility and body coordination. Due to the back-and-forth nature of tennis play, as well as the need to constantly switch directions when running, the shoes are ... Read More »

How to Compare Tennis Shoes?

Tennis equipment is as important to the game as the person playing. The appropriate tennis shoes can provide comfort, support and increase agility, however players wearing non-tennis shoes or tenni... Read More »