Can you wash military surplus wool pants?

Answer You can wash military surplus wool pants at home by washing them by hand or in the washing machine. Use a gentle detergent like Woolite; fill the sink or the washer with cool water. Submerge the pa... Read More »

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Can I wash wool pants?

Many wool pants are labeled as dry-clean only because washing wool in water tends to cause the fabric to shrink. Garments made from 50% or less of wool are probably safe to wash in water. Use a ... Read More »

Can you wash wool pants with detergent?

Most wool pants are dry-clean only, especially ones that are 100% wool. Using detergent on pants that are less than 50% wool are less likely to shrink. Use a wool specific detergent, hand wash cold... Read More »

Can I machine wash 100-percent wool suit pants?

Don't machine wash your wool suit pants if the label does not explicitly say to do so. Denver Fabrics, in their guide "Wool Fabric Care," recommend that wool garments be dry cleaned. If you machine... Read More »

How long should the hem be on men's wool pants?

The hem on men's wool pants should be 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep, not including an additional 1/4 inch extra for the seam allowance to be folded into the seam for a finished inside edge.Source:SEW-luti... Read More »